Saturday, November 19, 2011

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Seven fucking games in a ROW has me so excited I'm quoting Limp Bizkit. Now excuse me while I put on a Yankees cap and act like a douche.
I can't remember last time the Bruins scored goals like they have been as of late. The SO win against Columbus aside, the boys are scoring like a frat house that just got a fresh shipment of GHB on the first weekend of college. Actually, that's not an apt comparison. The Bruins are just scoring goals, not committing felonies on daddy's dime.
What's going right? Everything.
The goaltending is there. Production from all four lines is there. Physical, nasty play is there. The only thing missing is Brad Marchand taking his shirt off and dancing on the half-wall.
This is the team we know. This is the team we cheer for. Apparently gone are the hang dogs that were wearing the uniforms to start the season. It's a long season and weird shit can happen, but I'm hoping that we won't have to endure what we were put through earlier in the season. It felt like being stationed in Richford for all of July and August, when the weather is hot, muggy and the welfare checks are late. Good things don't happen.
Couple things:
-How fucking good is Patty Cake? Goddamn, I know I give him cyber-head with almost every post, but goddamn, how fucking good is he? I'd carry his child. I might even breast-feed it if he asked nicely. I know for a FACT that I would at least pump.
-Chiarelli's trades for Pevs and Chris "Sanchez" Kelly may just go down amongst the wiliest of all-time. These guys bring so much to this team.
-Seguin almost threw a body check last game! I saw it with meeeee own eyes, I did! Once he does that, it will be proof that he has finally transistioned into full-on swingin' balls (note the plural, Kessel) manhood. He is on the cusp...previous comments aside.
-I have come to the decision that I will breast feed Patty Cake's child.
Word on the street (okay, Twitter, but it's the same as a seedy, dark, night-walker infested street) has it that a bunch of the boys play Modern Warfare. This is my sad, pathetic call to all Bruins players and fans...come find me. ANGERFIST25103. Add me. Come play with me. I know my way around a SCAR, rocking the red dot (Omega sights) with the suppressor. I can't promise that I won't kick my Xbox through the window in excitement if I actually hear from one of you. I'll give a passphrase....I'm thinking "Harry Sinden likes scotch" works. Or maybe "Marshy's cheeks are redder than mine". Either way, drop me a line. And WinstonSmith, we have to do some Team Deathmatch.
Several big games coming up next week. The boys will be in Buffalo and I'm sure those meanie pants that call themselves "hockey players" will try and do something to Looch OR whoever is tending net for the Bruins. I almost laugh at it, because the meanest guy on the Sabres makes David Krejci look like a cock-swaggering pugilist.
Saturday night. Bruins hockey. I love America.
Go B's.

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