Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Begin/Carbo/Habs Fans: Stop Whining

Stevie, please stop crying because a big mean man hit you. You are a vet, you are a "tough guy" in Queeb standards, so when a guy bigger than you comes after you, don't cry about it with your coach after the game. Be a man, stop being a bitch.

In a brighter note: Patrice!
Words to not describe how happy I am seeing him back in black.

On a retarded note: Manny. Yeah, yeah, you won, but you faced 10 shots. Big whoop.

On a false sense of hysteria note: Listening to 990 and Habs fans are already freaking out. Whining about the pressure of just being the Habs, pressure of 100th celebration, how it will lead to a collapse, yada yada yada yada, blah blah blah.

Chill out people. You still have a great team. Don't jump off the Pont Champlain if they lose big in a game. The sun will still rise, Kovelev will still have a perfect golden mullet and the Kostisyen brothers will still be ugly as hell. Take some xanex and relax.

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