Friday, September 19, 2008

So we haven't posted since what?

Sherriff broke his back and I've been in wedding bedlam. Besides a few mid summer nights dreams about Lucic sunbathing a top a Canadian waterfall, I really haven't thought about much besides centerpieces, cakes, and dresses. And sheriff has been so doped up on pain killers his posts would have belonged on Terry Gilliam's blog.
Anyway, a chill is in the air, and I am off to Bruins Training camp this weekend. Hopefully my love for this team will return in full force and save me before I become a full fledged Bridezilla.

And to my fellow Bruins fans, I must apologize in advance. I will be attending the Habs Centennial Celebration on 12/4. And they aren't even playing the Bruins. Love does crazy things to you kids. Since they are playing the Rangers, I can't root for anything except the beer man who will hopefully frequent our section. The only satisfaction I will receive from this is that there are many Habs fans who would love to attend this celebration, and I will be wasting their ticket. And I will try to put a hex on Kovey.

Please stay tuned, as sheriff and I will have a season opener shortly.

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Sheriff25 said...

Make sure you use your hex powers wisely. We all know what happened to Steve "You Could Learn Alot From A Dummy" Chiasson.