Friday, September 26, 2008

Fuck the economy...

Who cares that WaMu just got bought out and the Dems and GOP are squabbling over the bailout...Savard and Ryder aren't "clicking" (after playing 2 games together)! The Bruins are deep into the preseason and Savy and Ryder still haven't generated many scoring chances. Time to signal the collapse, sound the sirens, beg for a bailout, and lose interest....blah blah blah.

In the spirit of the B's being the red headed step child of Boston sports, this popular attitude of finding some little issue quickly and use it as your reason to not show interest in the Bruins this season.

However, being one of the few New England faithful who actually gives a fuck about the Bruins, could care less about Tom Brady, and is soooo over the Red Sox, I would just give them a few more games to find some chemistry during the handful of pre season games left. Or Julien could God Forbid, change up the lines??

Anyway, I will finally get to see the B's first hand this season tomorrow when they take on Washington. All signs are pointing to Ovechkin playing who always seems to bring the nasty when playing Boston, but luckily our D is pretty solid right now. Something I haven't been able to say in some years now.

Timmy T made his first preseason start with a loss last night (against Detroit). Boston Herald's Harris said he looked shaky, but he did redeem himself quickly by stating loud in clear that Timmy T is the Bruins NUMBER ONE GOALIE. Hear that Manny? TIMMY T NUMERO UNO.
Yes Manny had a win, but lets compare the numbers shall we?

Thomas - GAA 4 Saves 36 Save % .900
Stupid - GAA 2 Saves 10 Save % .833

I'm one of those people who believe good will prevail in the end, and good is Timmy T.

Finally tomorrow night we get the pleasure of NOT having to look at the rainbow bangs of Rob Simpson and will test out a new rink side commentator, Naoko Funayama. Not gonna lie, the name concerns me. I'm a Vermonter, I'm allowed to be a little narrow with my stereotypes.

B's vs Dee-Troy-It again tonight. Looks to be Manny in net. God help us.

And for the record, I blame Manny Fernandez for the US Economy's recent collapse.

God Bless America.

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