Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tortured? Nah.

Fan Nation, a SI run blog, named Boston Bruins fans as the 4th most tortured fans in sports.

Yes, the B's have made me cry, swear, hit, throw things, swear off hockey, and worse, but after being amidst the whole team and Heath Bar Crunch last night, tortured does not properly express how I feel at the moment.

This rare gesture of accessibility and fan interaction was a good step in the right direction of getting Bruins fans back on board. I am a die hard fan, and would put up with heartbreaking losses until the day I die, but I am few and far between.

The B's need to continue their efforts to meet their fans, but much more important than that, they need to win. And win big.

Game 6 of last year's playoffs for the B's was winning big. Sleepy B's fans woke up and realized that this current team under the leadership of Julien was one worth watching. They are not disappointing, they are exciting. They are not tired, they are rejuvenated.

While I appreciate the sympathy from Fan Nation, I will happily decline the title. I am not tortured, I am excited. The B's are young, hungry, and with Cam Neely running the show, I think they want it more than the fans do.

P.S. Claude signed the Habs Suck shirt too...

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