Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who's the most grossly overpaid player(s) on the B's?? Hmmm...

Tonight as the B's face the Habs in Montreal, I'm more concerned about their team salary. Seems as though a trade is imminent, and Schafer seems like the most obvi candidate for me. He just doesn't fit. And Manny. Fucking Manny. How does that man hold up his head and look his teammates in the eye walking into that locker room? For that matter, Peter must feel the same. 2.1 mil? What the F have you done?

There are players who are worth their weight in gold making peanuts compared to both of them. But who's the most over paid? Goes with out saying, 4.3 million is disgusting for a has been, mindfucked, shitty goaltender. Put the douchebag on waivers. Who is going to want him? (BTW, I did pull my t-shirt away from him at the signing and said, no thank you).

He is dead weight and fucking up the cap. Wheeler/Rask will take up 6 mil alone to sign. In addition, word on the street has thrown around PJ and Phil's names a bit. I will be livid if either are traded. PJ shows up for EVERY game. Plus he wears purple suits with pink pinstripes. That's hot. And Phil will be another Brad Boyes if traded away. They shouldn't have to pay for the fact that Fernandez and Schafer are dead weight and eating up a shit ton of salary space.

But, going back to tonight's game, my Pops will be there and I pray that he doesn't have to sit through their gay goal song even once. Unfortunately that won't happen though. Fucktard is starting, and despite Ryder getting a hat trick tonight, this is going to be a tough one for the B's.


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