Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marriage: Already ruining my life

So not only did I have a chance to go to tonight's game against the B's and Habs, but I can't even watch the game. Tonight marks the start of our Pre Cana course. Apparently we will learn how Jesus will save our marriage and how not to use birth control and have 40 kids. We may need divine intervention however, if this marriage between a crazy B's fan and Habs fan is going to stand the test of time (especially when I begin my plan to turn our children into my own little B's fan army).

Hopefully with the self combustion of the Sox on the horizon, Boston fans will turn their attention to the B's tonight and show them a little love as they take on their nemesis and biggest threat. I hate to say it, but the Habs are freakin good. Really good. Saying that gives me the taste of a sour burp in my mouth, but alas it is true. I've watched their last two games, and they just don't stop. Their offensive is always on the attack. Fuck.

At least Timmy T, who thank the freakin lord, will be starting tonight is used to getting completely hammered with shots. Ryder is hungry for revenge (note photo) and could also be a blessing tonight if he lights it up a couple times. Expect Laraque to be back tonight. Habs will need a big guy on the ice tonight, because if all else fails for the B's, they'll just resort to kicking ass literally. And look for Kovalev's lack of glowing mullet. Sporting a new shorter and someone manlier do, probably due to the fact the Kostitsyn brother's where trying to make him their girlfriend.

Should be a humdinger tonight boys!


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Anonymous said...

Hilarious post...I seriously LOL. Damn us catholics for getting in the way of a Bruins game!!! I got to watch the game though, and it was good. Sorry you missed it and chose to spend time with God instead.