Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who's #1? Timmy's #1

Julien, being the diplomat he is, all but said, Timmy T is number one. He will get his third start in a row tonight, leaving Manny where he belongs: on the bench.

Is Manny happy with that? Let's look at the facts. It is known around the league that he has a bad attitude, plays the blame game, and his own uncle didn't want him. Think he's happy sitting there, playing #2? Heck no, and Julien's statement in the Herald today seems to be doused in a bit of vinegar. I'm thinking Julien's had a pissy Manny on his hands as the B's travel the prairies of Canada.

Thomas vs. Kiprusoff should be a great match up, as he was able to handle Roberto well against the Canucks Tuesday night. Thomas really couldn't do anything better against the Flames tonight, but the rest of the B's need to step it up a notch and do one thing: Score dammit! More than one fucking goal. There is no NHL goal limit, please feel free to rack em up. Timmy can't get any better unless he starts shitting out golden pucks after every save to give to starving children in Africa to sell for food.

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