Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fight Nights Are Fun!!!

I was in West Virginia all week. Down there, they live for football. All I know is that I managed to miss two games. I feverishly checked for updates on my laptop, but it's just not the same.

I was stoked to be able to sit down last night and watch the B's take on the Stars. Now, I figured that Sean Avery would be up to his normal tricks; talking smack, being a pain in the ass all over the ice, etc. It's too bad this guy plays that way, because it's apparent that he does have skill.

I had forgotten that the Stars have Steve Ott. He is another Avery, only less known.

Timmy continued his stellar play and the offense finally woke up. It was good to see Sturm respond to getting demoted to the third line. The "fourth" line continues to play great hockey. Thornton continues to show that he can actually play and Yelle is proving that he is this year's Metropolit. He can play anywhere, at any time, and not look out of place.

I almost fucked my back up again springing off the couch after Ference caught Ott looking the other way. I'm pretty sure that Jack Edwards left a nugget in his underwear as well. Great hit and it really livened things up.

I thought that before the game Lucic would finally drop the gloves for the first time this season. Little did I know it would be after Avery cheap-shotted him. It was good to see Savvy pounce on him and deliver a great flying knee as Avery huddled on the ice, looking very much like Claude Lemieux when Cammer Bammer grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and slammed his ass into the boards.

It's too bad these teams won't play each other several more times this year. I think it could be the building of a huge rivalry, different conferences not withstanding.

The situation that broke out after Avery took out Lucic (I hesitate to call it a brawl, as not everyone was swinging) will help draw the team together. Hnidy was swinging for the fences with his dance partner. I'm sure that dude still has a headache after eating the fifteen or so punches Hnidy fed him.

It brought a smile to my face. It reminded me of when the Bruins were a tough, tough team. Remember when NESN came back from a commercial break and Ray Bourque had Mats Sundin on the ice, showing him how to throw huge punches? Sundin had given Bourque a funny face when he was talking to the ref and Ray just lost it.

What about when the B's and Caps had a nice little get-together that ended with Dafoe and Kolzig tangoing around the ice?

Not only entertaining to watch, but these things do wonders for a team's morale and comradeship.

Ference continues to impress me with his skating, toughness, and willingness to jump up in the play.

Great effort by the boys.

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