Saturday, November 15, 2008

Test Subject #2: Rangers

The Bruins are another step closer to prove that their position in the standings is much more than a fluke. After a decisive win against the Habs Thursday night, the stage is set for their next big test just two days later against the red hot, powerful NY Rangers.

Thomas will most likely get the start tonight with another match up of hot goalie vs hot goalie (literally, I'm not gonna lie, Henrik is fairly dreamy). Lundqvist, who is legitmately in 1st place in fan All Star voting, has been great all season, yet still trails Timmy T in Save % (TT 1st in the league) and GAA (TT 2nd in the league). And may I point out for the millionth time, Timmy T is NOT on the all star ballot.

As for the degree of Hate towards the Rangers,it's pretty high. I've never been a big fan of teams who buy heartless players who decide when they want to put forth effort. However, I think the Ranger management is beginning to see the error of their ways because they have put together a team minus their usual Douchebaggery that seems to have more heart and grit.

Yet, regardless of how I feel about the Rangers, the B's will have their hands full tonight. Yet their ability to overcome the mindfuck the Habs had held over them for 12 games, should have them coming out with extra intensity tonight.

Look for TT to continually prove himself, Lucic to still be fired up and come out hitting everything in Blue, and Marcoooo to continue to light it up. D will be hurting a bit with Ference out, hopefully for just two games, although that block sent pangs of pain up my leg. This could be the push Chara needs to pick up his game. The Captain has not played poorly of late, but he has not played like Chara. He needs to step it up and join the efforts the rest of his team is putting forth.

The B's showed their true colors on Thursday. As my Pops says, Neely has his fingerprint all over that team. This the the team Bruins fans have been waiting for.

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