Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bruins Bliss

There are so many things I want to say about the boys right now, but my mind is a clusterfuck. My wedding is less than 2 months away, my fiancé is about to take off for a long business trip, and then the holidays are upon us. The only thing I have been able to do besides work, sleep, eat, and plan the wedding, is blissfully watch the Bruins the best hockey I've seen them play in years, like a mental patient with a lobotomy.

The Bruins have been my therapy this season, and while I've supplemented their medicine with Jameson and Nyquil, they are really all I need to get by.

While last night's SO win against was less than blissful due to the 3.8 million penalties called and the complete lack of flow, I still derived some thoughts from my Nyquil'd out, boozed up state last night as I pondered the season this far during the lackluster win.

Timmy. Thomas.
From the Gut to the Garden, you've always been my favorite goaltender. How could they not put him on the ballot? A great injustice of the world.
But maybe this will be a good motivator because it reminds me of when you have a personal crisis and people you didn't know liked you bakes you a Bundt cake or offers to walk your dog. And you feel loved. All of the hullaballoo about the write in campaign will probably give Timmy that same warm gooey feeling inside which will further his confidence and solidify his supreme dominance over Manny and the World. Also showed UVM what's up by stonewalling Patrick Sharp on a Penalty Shot in OT last night. Just to add to the point...

Kessel learning out to Score
Must have stayed up real late this summer and found some juiced up Pro Active infomercial that not only clear up his face, but his path to the back of the net.

Slappy Smurf vs Skeezy Smurf
Savard beating down Avery with his gloves still on was classic. But also a good call. B's pay too much for those hands so break on that skeezball's face. Plus Looch can stick up for himself. Beating someone down with your gloves on only works if you are Chara who took a Blackhawk down last night with just glove slap.

Attending My First Bruins Event while not Employed by the Bruins
I have to admit, I almost didn't go to the Ben and Jerry's signing due to lingering bitterness I had after having my grand illusions my beloved Bruins shattered while working with them. However, I have finally been away long enough to block that out and become a real Fan again. It was definitely the last step in my program, as I am now 100% back on board. Plus the ice cream helped.

B's Vs Dallas
That game was the epitome of all things I love about the Bruins. At one point during the game I looked at my Habs loving fiancé and said, Tell me you aren't entertained. He could not, and for the first time I think he finally got why I loved this team. I think this is as far as close as we'll get to a mutual understanding of each others hockey views, but for me, it was huge.

Marco Sturm as a Cougar, not a dried up MILF, but a real one.
I love the new We Want it As Bad as You commercials, but Marco roaring at the end is a bit much. Plus it sounds like a Cougar, not a bear.

Hub Hockey
Best discovery of the summer. It's nice to know there are people in Boston who give a fuck about the Bruins and can talk about them for 3 seconds without any Red Sox talk. Plus their Photoshop's of Phillip make me laugh.

B's Vs Habs
Tonight, the B's are in the best position to finally beat these MFs. I have been eagerly awaiting this game all week and because I want to be more lucid, I will only have booze or Nyquil. Some things are meant to be seen with a clear mind.
Goaltending tonight? Better be Thomas. I'm not even reading the Boston papers today because if I see that the fucking rotten chalupa is starting, I will flip shit, punch a coworker, get fired, and have to face this fucking shit economy unemployed.
Thomas will play. The Bruins will score goalS and Lucic will beat down Komo. Finally.


eav2616 said...
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eav2616 said...

a.) were you drunk when you wrote this? because the literary queen that you are would not have normally let this slip.

b.) how can you not love marcoooo as a cougar?

and c.) you should probably thank me for showing you hub hockey.

Araev16 said...

um, did you not read the part about Nyquil and booze? I have a nyquil IV in me permantely now. It's like that think diabetics wear.