Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is what happens when you Fuck with Jesus.

Sabres fans were punished by the Lord last night for the blasphemy a fan decided to put up on their site.
My Pepe was a wise man and he always told us NOT to pray for the Bruins. He said the Big Guy upstairs has bigger issues to deal with. Besides, the Bruins can handle their own shit. And handle their own shit they did.

With a spectacular win 7-4 win against the Sabres (despite the sloppiness of the Evil Enchilada ) the B's are continuing to put space between themselves and their NorthEast foes.

Friday will be an interesting test, as the B's have had the tendency to play down to the level of shitty teams, I.E Florida Panthers. The below .500 Panthers will not make the play offs, really don't have any notable players, exist in one of the hockey armpits of the world, and shouldn't really have a reason to get out of bed and tie up the skates in the morning. They don't even have any hot guys on the team. Trust me I looked. No eye candy.

However, the today's B's can not be compared to any B's of recent history, so tomorrow night's could go well for the boys in black and gold.

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