Friday, November 7, 2008

Gross! He's getting cancer on me!

Yes, I made a cancer joke. Get over it.

The Bruins got over their inability to score more than 2 goals a game last night in a 5-2 win of the Leafs. And obviously Wheeler was not too effected by being wiped by Blake's cancer, as he netted his first career hat trick last night (even though 1 was an ENG, not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Bruins brought on the pressure most of the game, especially early on when it seemed as though the Leafs were avoiding the Bruins zone like a fat girl avoids horizontal stripes. Timmy T was his usual Timmy T self, not that anyone seems to notice (especially the dirty douches that picked the names on the all star ballot). I will be writing in TT on a daily basis, as should. Even my Hab lovin' fiancé can't believe he was left off. Dipietro? Really? He's been hurt all season. And if you want an easy laugh, give me a call and ask me to say his name. I can't. I've practiced endlessly, my fiancé has even tried to help, I just can't say it. I add about 3 extra syllables to his name. For that reason alone, I think he should be left off the ballot. Tim-my Tho-mas. Easy to say, easy to write in.

Saturday night I will be attending my wedding shower, so my attention will not be on the B's/Buffalo game, but I assure you, if there is a television at the venue, they game will be tuned in. And I'm also not wearing anything gay like a plate with bows on my head. Has nothing to do with the Bruins, but I'm just putting it out there.

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Hub Hockey said...

this is the worst thing ever and might have to remove you from my blogroll because of it... cancer joke? come on... obviously he wouldnt say that because he is sitting near capt. cancer himself phil kessel and knows you can only get it from kissing haha.....