Monday, November 17, 2008

Transition! Game on Versus tonight!

It's one of those rare nights when we get to listen to Brick, yet do not have to deal with the trite, repeating Jack Edwards (also nice to not have to look at his mustard colored teeth). I prefer the Versus shit show to Jack's lines. But incase any of you actually miss his blabbering jargon tonight, please look to these gems below to get your Edwards fill.

-And he sends it down the river
-On the diagonal
-He's looking for transition
-Over and Under, OVER AND UNDER
-Sticks a fork in it
-Inaudible, excited screaming
-Inevitable apology for inaudible, excited screaming after the commercial break.

I miss you Fred. Come back, please....


eav2616 said...

Do you work?

Araev16 said...

Coming from the unemployed monkey...

Maali said...

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