Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turtle Fight 2008: Lucic and Lemieux?

It appears that someone in the San Jose organization believes that in order to keep their hot streak alive, they must perform some charitable acts to keep Karma happy. Their first act has been to give 43 year old Claude Lemieux a try out on their farm team. The bag ala douche has been playing in China and believes that he is ready to make his way back to the NHL. Perhaps watching Steve "karma's a bitch, hope your hand really hurts" Ott and Sean Avery has inspired him to bring back his own helping of annoying piss-antness.

If we do in fact see Claude make his way into the NHL again, I want to see a rematch of Cammer Bammer and Claude "the Turtle" Lemieux, yet in the place of Cam, a young, angry Milan Lucic.

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