Monday, September 29, 2008

My Bruins senses are tingling...

For the second year in a row, the B's took a preseason trip to Stowe, and rested their heads just 15 miles from my house. Must be why I slept so peacefully last night.
As the B's settled in to the Ten Acres Lodge, Timmy T snuck off to his first B-Town, to grab a pint at What Ales You for old times sake. He was probably quickly dismayed to find it has turned into a St. Mike's hang out and left dissapointed.

This year the boys will spend 3 days, 1 day longer than last, and most likely fall in love with the place all over again, vow to buy summer homes on the Lake and invite me over for BBQ's and to oil up Looch and Andrew all summer.

They took 31 players to Stowe, and will most likely dump 8 or 9 next week. Really, the only one who's a shoe in is Wheeler. The rest will have a strong year in Providence, but Lashoff needs to go. I'm over the kid. He's been on the cusp for too long now and it's time he tried elsewhere. Perhaps the Stowe Raiders
need to bloster their D this season.

On Wednesday the boys invade Montreal for a preseason game with the Habs. I had tickets, but ended up selling them to my Pops. I'm a good daughter, eh?

In addition to having to deal with the annoying OLE'S! of the Hab fans, the B's may have to sit through the Hab's new goal song. It's a gay reworking of a Simple Plan song (yeah, apparently they are still around), called Go Habs Go. Did I mention it was gay . I've been reading some Habs blogs and even Habs fans are pissed about it. I really didn't think they could have anything worse than Vertigo, but apparently they out gayed even themselves.

I was kinda hoping that the Habs would score 5 goals on the game I'm going to 12/4 against the Rangers because you get 8 free wings at La Cage Aux Sports ( 5 buts, 8 Ailes!), but I don't think 8 free wings will kill the pain of hearing that song 5 times. Pray for a shut out by the B's on Wednesday. Even if Manny is playing.

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