Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't Panic...Yet

One minute into the game last night, I could tell that the other Bruins showed up to play. Anyone that has watched this team this over the season can spot, almost immediately, when the Evil Bruins have showed up. The Evil Bruins try to be too cute, they can't get the puck past the red line and the defense can't clear the puck, instead trying to pin it to the boards and hope for a...I don't know what the fuck they hope for, maybe a situation that doesn't turn into a goal against? Aside from a few good chances and a portion of the 2nd where a 5 on 5 looked like a 5 on 3 for the Bruins, in my opinion there were few positives in this game. I was curious which Price we would get last night, and unfortunately it was the "I'll stop everything you send my way" model that I don't care for. After the Bruins had failed to score in the 1st, I was feeling that Price was going to get the shutout. That turned out to be true. It's not that I'm a psychic, it's just that none of the fucking Bruins seemed to be getting good shots on. Few things: -I remain frustrated with Kaberle's play. At this point, he would have to score a Bobby Orr-esque Cup winner to get my vote that the trade wasn't a total fleecing. He continues to look disinterested and his game has no grit. The PP was supposed to immediately improve, but I think his bright red cheeks are blinding him, as his passes and shots look like a drunk Dennis Wideman is manning the point. -Kelly and Peverley...I don't think I could have picked two guys that would fill me with such an amazing amount of underwhelm-edness (that's not a word, not even close to a word). Peverley has shown speed and Kelly has shown shit. I would double shift Patty Cake at this point. And to be honest, and I never thought I would say this, I'm sort of missing Wheeler. At least you know what he did or didn't bring. Kelly is like that extra in a movie that is in a few shots, sort of obscured by a tree in the background. He is so low on my radar that every time I see #23, I think that the Bruins have re-signed Steve Heinze for the playoff run. I don't know what Heinze is doing these days, but I'm thinking maybe they should approach him, as at this point anything would be better than this Kelly dude. They gave up a 2nd round pick for him, which normally doesn't seem like a bad deal for an "impact player"...until you realize that Milan Lucic was a 2nd round pick. HEY PETER, GET ON THAT! -I failed to mention this in the previous post, but I was stoked to see Shawn Thornton out there. As shown early on in the first when he had a great scoring chance, Thornton should be out there. He's bled for this team and though known throughout the league as a fighter, he has skill and should play in the post season. -The higlight of the game for me was in the first when Chara drilled Kostitsyn with a shot. He left the ice and didn't play the rest of the first. In HD, Kostitsyn is absolutely terrifying looking. He has this gray complexion like he's been eating dinosaur shit fossils his entire life and his hair makes him look like some kind of eastern European radiation wrangler. I can't stand the way he looks, the way he plays and the way he looks (did I already mention that?). I think the last time I hated a Canadien on looks alone was when they employed that pointy-nosed clown looking motherfucker Lyle Odelein. And if that isn't the best child molester name ever created, then I don't know what is. -Krejci better keep his fucking head up. He continues to skate around like the previously mentioned clown in a forcefield and he just missed getting drilled several times like he did last year. I know he'll get lit up in the next game or two and I'm just hoping it doesn't result in a demolished wrist...only because that would mean that Seguin would be reinserted into the lineup and my fragile (it must be italian) heart can't fucking take that. To be honest, I fast forwarded through the majority of the 3rd, as I was trying to kill my sickness with some JD and it's a fucking miracle that I didn't throw my remote, the cat and myself through the 50 inch in my frustration with this game. 2 to 0 isn't a huge loss, and it's only game one, but one would think that the boys would realize they are in the playoffs. One more game in Boston before they head north to the land of eurotrance and hair gel. Hopefully they'll come out of the game saturday night with a tied series. Go B's.


Whopperfoo said...

Krejci gave the guarantee!

Sheriff25 said...

Yeah, I saw that. Unfortunately, that doesn't inspire the same amount of confidence in me as when Mark Messier did the same thing for the Rangers over a decade ago. And to me, this is something that Recchi or Chara should be saying...not Krejci.