Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh, You Mean We're In The Playoffs?

To be frank, I was terrified to watch the game last night. I was thisss close to asking the Canuck if it was even worth watching the game.
Good thing I did.
Last night was a true playoff game. Back and forth chances, great tempo, big hits and quick saves. The Bell Centre was pretty loud until the Bruins went up by a few and seats started emptying out. I may live to be 150 years old and I'll never ever figure out why people leave when their team is down by a few goals.
The boys finally realized that they needed to skate and generate offense. Every single player, even Krejci (!), was skating like a meth head on...well, meth. The Habs had their chances but Timmy stood tall.
Couple things:
-Chara showed no ill-effects from his dehydration bout. I would have liked to see him get some more shots through, but he was shutting people down left and right. And the look he gave the ref after Cami-gina submarined him was one for the ages. I'm surprised the ref's head didn't burst into flames.
-Kaberle continues to dipsy-doodle around on the blueline when they have a PP. Just face it: he's not going to bring the "skill" that he had while in Toronto. Of course, he probably looked awesome compared to their D over there...as would I, and I have exactly 0 minutes of hockey playing time to my credit.
-Seidenberg elevated his game last night. That dude is obviously built like a tank and he was throwing his body around last night. The hits, along with the old time crosschecks he was throwing out, were great to see.
-Marchand continued buzzing like an annoying little gnat all over the ice and I'm glad this kid is on the B's. He can fucking skate and it helps open the ice up.
-Aside from his breakaway effort, Looch was playing like we all know he can. I'd still like to see him park his ass in front of the net for some deflections, but one thing at a time I guess.
-For continued success, the boys will need to figure out how to get some shots through from the point. Even a quick wrister is getting blocked by the Habs so they'll have to come up with something else.
-Timmy looked like his old self again, flopping and humping all over the ice. He made several HUGE saves in the last few minutes to preserve the lead.
-I'm guessing that Benoit Poooo-yot wishes he didn't go in high on Upchuk. That violent lover of Mother Earth, Andrew Ference, set his french ass straight.
The boys have two days off, and I hope they use the time wisely. Rest up, hydrate (LOOKING AT YOU, CHARA) and think of the game on thursday. To win two in Montreal would be quite a feat, considering their history in that fucking Bell Centre over the last few seasons. I'm just thinking that perhaps the Habs were more concerned over their choice of hotpants for the upcoming Lady Gaga concert than they were with winning a hockey game.
Go B's.


Sheriff25 said...

Oh yeah, and props to Sea Bass who called a 4-1 victory. Close enough. You win a chance to see the Bruins and Habs play on thursday...on NESN.

Sea Bass said...

Good effort last night! Aside from Lucic's abysmal breakaway (I'm pretty sure he didn't shoot, but passed the puck to Carey Price) everyone looked strong, including underwhelming Peverly and Kelly. At least we know the series will come back to Boston (where they played like dog shit, I know) and they have some fucking momentum for once.