Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Does This Series Mean?

The Garden will be absolutely rocking tomorrow night for Game 1. The boys have had a few days off and have been able to take a breather before the grind continues. The Habs had continued their dominance of the Bruins this year...that is until their last game, when the B's skated away with the 7-0 victory. In a game that supposedly would be a grudge match for the Pacioretty "hit", it was surprisingly non-physical. After that game, the B's are obviously in the heads of the Habs. Those fuckers from the north are small and fast, but will this style hold up in the playoffs? Normally it doesn't, but we will know shortly. Couple things: -As goes Timmy, so goes the Bruins. He should be fairly well rested and needs to continue his "good luck scoring on me" ways. He set a modern era record for GAA, but this stat means shit (I'm sure to him and Bruins fans everywhere) if he doesn't keep it going in the playoffs. -Horton needs to continue his torrid pace and Looch needs to wake up a bit. He had been skating like a large robot out there for the last few, but I'm sure it's hard to focus when you know that you're playoff-bound. -I'd be surprised if we see Seguin at all in the postseason. He is fast, blindingly so, but he just doesn't have the strength to match it...yet. His skill is apparent, and I have little doubt that he will turn into a very good player, but he should not cut his teeth in the playoffs. The tempo is going to be insane and I think that if he did play, he'd be beat to shit after his first five shifts. -I was glad to see that the Bruins won't be staying in Montreal between games 3 and 4. That city is going to be absolutely insane and I wouldn't put it past someone to try and fuck with them in some manner. -Chara will need to stand tall (no pun intended) and lead this team. After the incident in Montreal, it was readily apparent in the next few games that he didn't change his style. He wasn't hesitating and if someone gave him a shove, he'd give them a whack. Often times players become gun-shy when they're involved in something like that, but Chara showed no negative effects, even stringing together great numbers in the next several games. -I'm really looking at Gregory Campbell to have a great playoffs. He has been such an important addition to this team this year. Good numbers, good fights and great effort every single fucking shift...what more could you ask for? His defensive skills will be on display and I'm sure he'll sneak a few past the goalie as well. -Two things I'm kind of nervous about: Price's play and Subban. Price either plays like a Vezina finalist or one of those plastic tarp things you put over your street hockey net. I'm curious to see which one we'll get. And Subban has skill, but I'm more worried about Bruins players putting themselves out of positions to try and light that slick skating fucker up (Upchuk: take note). A great open ice hit is great to see, but more often than not they miss and it leaves a yawning chasm in the blue line. That being said, I can't wait to settle in a watch some hockey tomorrow. Go B's.

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