Monday, April 25, 2011

Let's End This

My blood pressure has finally dropped from near-fatal levels.
That last game was what playoff hockey is all about. Back and forth, big hits, big saves.
I have learned one thing: I can't watch Bruins OT hockey. Every single time the Habs crossed the blueline, I began hiding my eyes, rubbing my forehead. I'm surprised I have any skin left. Apparently Timmy made some beautiful saves, but I'd be lying if I said I saw any of them.
Horton finally broke through and scored what is undoubtedly the biggest goal of his career. The Bruins are in a good place and they'll be back in Montreal tomorrow night to close this fucker out.
Couple things:
-Looch had a better game, dishing several beautiful passes, but if the Bruins are going to continue their march, he will have to find the back of the net. Krejci, who is 1A on my shitlist (That Useless Fuck From Toronto is 1), needs to fucking do something. I scream at the TV and begin bleeding out of my eyes when he gets the puck and does...nothing.
-Seidenberg has found his nasty this playoff season. He actually wanted to go with Subban who looked willing until he realized that Seidenberg is a willing German that would probably fuck him up. Subban tried to laugh it off, but I know I saw some spotting on his shorts.
-Marchand, who was the target of a ridiculous tweet from Lord Snapped Neck, has stepped up and keeps getting better and better. He's trying things other than the dump and chase that the Bruins seem to covet. He's creative as hell and the sandpaper in his game has guys hating him. That's good.
-That Useless Fuck From Toronto needs to sit. He is bringing nothing to his team and I wouldn't even try to re-sign him. What a fucking joke. He does everything at half-speed and just doesn't compete. I can't believe they had to move Stuart to land this guy.
-Campbell/Thornton/Paille got basically no ice time in the OT. I'm sure Claude knows what he's doing, but rolling all four lines keeps guys fresh. And we've seen time and again this year what those guys can do.
-Have to love the little conversation that future captain Patty Cake had with Subban. I can only imagine what it was about...although the desultory shove he gave Subban (who promptly dropped like a Komisarek) when he was done said it all.
Can't wait for tomorrow night. Hoping the B's win won and shut these fuckers up once and for all.
Go B's.

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chelsea said...

Nice blog! I too enjoyed that little chat between Patty Cake and Subban!!
Patty is consistent,strong, fast and classy it is nice to see him grab a guy by the jersey and give him a stern little talking to! He wants the cup!!
I'll continue the ritual of putting a fresh cc and ginger on the front porch (up high--it piques Sully's interest).
Go B's!!