Monday, April 18, 2011

Game 3...Play Like It's Game 7

The Bruins that have taken the ice so far this postseason are not the Bruins that played during the regular season. Gone is the snarl. Gone is the swagger that comes with having balanced scoring. Gone is the defense that takes every entrance into their zone and calmly plays the puck back out. Where the fuck did this team go? The Bruins looked absolutely lost without their captain out there. Upchuk looked like a scared little kid that just saw his puppy get hit by a bus. Kaberle, who should have stepped up and taken the load on his shoulders, was bent in half by the weight time and time again. Losing Chara at the last minute should have made them realize that they had to play HUGE. It did not. Krejci, he of "we'll win the next game", did absolutely jack shit. Did he realize that when you make such a promise you need to come out and play the best game of your life? Guess not. Timmy has not been as sharp as he was during the regular season. Looch and Horton have been non-factors. They will take the ice in Montreal tonight and the noise up there is a physical entity that the Bruins will have to fight along with all of the Habs players. Let's just hope they can get out of the first fucking 90 seconds of the game without being down at least 1 to 0. I know this isn't an uplifting post, but trying to muster the enthusiasm is a bit of a difficult task right now. I'm still behind my team, but we'll know in the first five minutes of this game whether or not they have what it takes. Go B's.

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Sea Bass said...

Unfortunately big hits don't equal goals, but giveaways in the defensive zone do.


I look for them to bounce back big tonight. 4-1 Bruins.