Friday, March 25, 2011


After finding out on tuesday afternoon that I would be at the game last night, I was pretty stoked. Honestly, I was just hoping for an entertaining game in which no Bruins got hurt, and the Bruins didn't lose too badly, as they just can't seem to put together a good effort against the Habs this year.

I didn't realize what an amazing night it would be.
Grabbed some dinner at The Fours (the Bobby Orr goes well with a few Guinness). Got to the Garden and spent some time walking around...only to come around a corner and just about come face to face with Wayne Gretzky. He had a gaggle of security guys with him and once other people started asking for pictures, he moved on pretty quick, but that was cool nonetheless.
We got to our seats and settled in, waiting for the warm-up to start. And then in walks PJ fucking Axelsson, longtime Bruin, with a gaggle of Swedes and sits right front of me. I shook his hand and thanked him for his efforts over the years. He's a nice guy and I'm still pissed that the Bruins let him go in the way that he did. About five minutes after that, Ken Casey from the Dropkick Murphys sits pretty much right in front of PJ.
At this point, my night had pretty much been made, and the game hadn't even been started yet.
The boys came out like psychos and just ran all over the Habs. I've rarely seen anything like it. The Habs were just standing still and it looked like their skates were filled with cement.
Chara stood tall (no pun intended) throughout the game. There were quite a few Habs fans in the Garden and they tried to boo everytime he touched the puck, but were quickly drowned out by the home fans. Good to see.
The Bruins were able to give the Habs a 5 on 3 PP in the 3rd. I learned forward and told PJ that we needed him on the ice, to which he laughed. About 30 seconds later, Campbell scored a beautiful goal on a breakaway. I can't remember the last time the Bruins scored a shortie on a 5 on 3.
And I can finally say, with great satisfaction and pride, that I got to take part in heckling Carey as he skated off the ice when he was replaced. My life is almost complete (the Bruins still have to win the Cup).
My thoughts are still banging around in my head and I've had a horrible headache all day, but it was sooooooooooo worth it. I apologize for the randomness of the writing, but I still can't get over what happened last night. Amazing night, amazing game and amazing night. Did I already say that? Fuck it. I think seven goals give me the right to ramble on.
The boys picked up two important points and were able to finally get over the hurdle. They are obviously in the head of the Habs after last night and once again, they've shown that they are the better team. Nine games left. Going to be a crazy finish.
Go B's.


Anonymous said...

Yea,so glad you were there, him, SH goal 5 on 3, gotta be history made, 7-0(actually 8-0, i think the Mercy rule clicked in) PRICELESS! Did you see an adorable little Frenchman up in the rafters clinking his CC and ginger....I know he was there too, throwing popcorn at you!

Anonymous said...

Nicepost! U were there!!!!! Soooo awesome!!!!!!!

Whopperfoo said...

Best words on the bruins across the whole interwebs right here at this blog

Araev16 said...

Was Gretzky wearing his Shape Ups? Did you feel how toned his ass was?

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