Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Your Normal Bruins/Canadiens Rematch

And if you believe that, then you might be slightly retarded.
I will be at the Garden tomorrow night and I'm really not too sure what will happen. If this game was in Montreal, I'm not sure I would make it into the arena wearing my Bruins gear, though it wouldn't be for lack of effort on my part. The fans up there are still circling in a pretty fair impression of a feeding frenzy, with the dorsal fins and remoras being traded for hair gel, pointy leather shoes and euro trance.
These types of grudge match games are quite often underwhelming. What can't be missed or ignored is that the Bruins are in a dogfight for points. Ten games left. Moving up or down one spot will greatly impact who they might face in the first round. The points are too important.
The Habs will be looking to avenge a teammate that is down and hurt...and I guess they can't be faulted for that. It's what being part of a team is all about.
I'm thinking that the first period will be pretty hectic, with bodies flying around hitting everything in sight. Man to man, there is simply no way the Habs can match the Bruins for overall toughness. This has been proven several times this year. The Bruins, when confronted, will drop gloves, TO A MAN, and stick up for each other. As previously noted, there aren't many teams in the league that can stand toe to toe with the boys.
This means that the Habs will be sneaky. They'll be those little fuckers doing the slashes and trips and whacks behind the play. They'll be looking to catch any unsuspecting Bruin with his head turned the wrong way. If I were Krejci, I would be very nervous because he constantly skates around like a clown in a forcefield.
There will be a few fights, but I don't think anywhere near what happened in the 8-6 win a few weeks back.
Of course, these are just predictions. I'd be surprised if Chara even has to defend himself. Any dirty look, comment or whack will result in his teammates coming in.
This might be a blessing for the Habs, as Chara hasn't gone completely batshit in quite some time. He brawled constantly his first few years in the league, and though these skills may have been mostly dormant over the past few years, he can fuck people up when he gets to swinging.
Should be an interesting game (to say the least) and I'm sure the Garden is going to be LOUD.
I'll be there, doing my part, cheering my team on in a game that is huge in its playoff implications.
Go B's. And keep your head moving, because those fuckers will be coming in with high elbows.


Anonymous said...

Well said!! Huge game tonite! Have fun and don't take any shit! We'll be cheering from the ridge!

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