Thursday, March 10, 2011

Haters gonna hate

I was ready to put this issue to bed, but upon learning the Montreal police are launching a criminal investigation on the hit and the America bashing happening on Team 990 right now, I just can’t let it go.

I’ve been listening to Montreal radio for the past 2 days, reading their blogs and news columns, and man am I happy I’m not associated with that whiny bunch of piss ants.

How many of those fans really care about Max? They are THRILLED this happened. It gives them so much ammo against the Bruins and apparently America in general. A Montreal station is blaming the “American Mentality” (and here’s a news flash, Chara is not American…) and how violent we are. Yet these same people are calling for Chara’s head? Yeah, not violent at all…
People LOVE the American Mentality when it suits them then blames it for the evils in the world when it doesn’t. If China invaded their ass and how much would they love us then? Canada, you are America’s hat. Keeping us warm in the winter, good for some beers, a few wild nights, some of your finer exports who have landed in the US, and poutine, but your worth stops there. Maybe if they wrapped up their own self worth into something other than hockey, then situations like this wouldn’t bring out this ugliness. I’m sorrey (sorry in Canadian) you can’t be us, but don’t hate us because we are beautiful. Life’s unfair sometimes. Just ask Max.

And to Max. Grow a pair. Your situation sucks. I’m sorry it happened to you, but whining like a little bitch from your hospital bed doesn’t help anything. It just fuels all the crazy stupids. It fuels the criminal investigation that is now being built regarding that hit. You know what you sign up for in the NHL. Hockey is fast, it’s hard, and it’s dangerous. That danger caught up to you in an unfortunate circumstance and demonizing a player such as Chara who has always been a good member of the NHL and does so much good outside of the NHL is wrong. Chara didn’t disgrace the game. Max, you are disgracing it right now. My sympathy is waning for you. The injury almost made me forget you were a mouthy little fuck, but my memory is coming back at lightning speed. If you were half a man, your soapbox would regard the design of the rink, not Chara.

So Canadian fans, since you are just appalled by what the NHL IS (not has become) see the links below. This is looks to be more your speed. Good luck.

Oh, and GO BRUINS!