Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Totally expecting to get blown out of the water last night, I was taking solace in the little things that the Bruins were doing.
-Their physical play picked up, with Fake Wheeler and Johnny Upchuk pretty much hitting everything in sight (yes, Wheeler, maybe he free-based a 5 Hour Energy Drink, I'm still not sure what got into him last night).
-Kampfer continues to impress me with his solid play (the kid is getting some good time on the PP and isn't afraid to rush the puck).
-Campbell is looking more and more like an absolute steal. He has quickly become one of the hardest grinders on the Bruins, and this makes up for the fact that his dad can't seem to make up his mind over what you should or shouldn't get suspended for.
-Looch was banging bodies, Recchi was go Go GOING all game, and Patty Cake had some great looks.
It's a game that I was prepared to lose 2 to 0, as at least they were showing some effort.
And then, I swear I heard it, the clock struck 12 for the Pens. They seemed to fold and implode...and for once, the Bruins came back.
Chara gets one with one of the weirdest knuckle-pucks I've ever seen. My fellow red-cheeked Brother Marchand put one in. And then Ol' Man Recchi, the ageless wonder, the senior statesman of hockey, the Centrum Silver Spokesman for Boston Bruins hockey, put the boys ahead. Campbell added the FYENGB (Fuck You, Empty Net Goal, Bitches). I was quite shocked and would have been jumping and down in the living room, undoubtedly putting my hands into the whirling ceiling fan if the Canuck hadn't been sleeping. This is probably a good thing, as today I would be on my stepladder with a sponge cleaning the blood and knuckle skin of off the blades and surrounding walls. Ever thrown a woodchuck into a woodchipper? I'm not saying I have, but I imagine the results would be about the same.
After the Saturday Night We Don't Speak Of, it was good to see the boys decide that they could do this. They pulled a similar stunt last time the teams played, scoring 5 (wow) goals to come back and win it. You get so used to the team waffling and blowing a lead and then losing in OT or the shootout that when it happens the other way around, you're really not sure what to say.
The Bruins face off against the Sens tonight, and these are generally entertaining games. Chris Neil should be out in full force and I'm hoping that someone on the B's will oblige him.
I may be late to the party, but if you haven't seen it yet, check out http://shawnthorntonsays.tumblr.com/. I don't know who the genius is that created this page, but I want to shake his/her hand and make them by me a new computer. You will too, after you read some of the quotes and spray Guinness all over the keyboard/screen. "My Irish half-brother Patrick Cleary." Priceless.
Go B's. Yeah, motherfucker.

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