Friday, January 14, 2011

That's How It's Done

I think I'm still sweating from the game last night. It's rare that a game mid-way through the season looks like a Game 7, but last night's did. There were constant 2 on 1 rushes (both ways), hits and some rough stuff. The boys showed some fortitude refusing to back down from the Flyers and continued pushing. Good things happen when you keep skating, and last night they skated their blades dull.
Couple things:
-Fake Wheeler has become Evil Wheeler. He has grown out a goatee and I'm pretty sure he is channeling some dark power to be playing the way he is playing. Last night, for the third game in a row, he was a force. We forget how fast that dude can move when he wants and even when he didn't have the puck, he was moving like he was out there trying to kill a 5 on 3. Great hustle, great effort and he even got in someone's face. Great to see from Wheeler.
-Twitch Marchand (watch him on the bench, he's constantly moving or fucking with something, not like Monolith-cic, who looks like he powers down between shifts) is still surprising teams with his pure skating ability. I'm sure they're going to wise up at some point, as all teams have video guys that look at this stuff. But for pure craftiness and acceleration, there aren't many that can stand with Twitch. His goal was a fucking beautiful thing.
-I feel that Kampfer has cemented his spot with the team. I heard that Ference went down with an injury (that took longer than I thought it would) so he should continue to get time. His goal was also gorgeous (the ting off of the post is such a nice "fuck you" to the goalie). We haven't seen a d-man that can skate like that in a long goddamn time. Plus anyone that lights up Hartnell with a huge open-ice hit is okay in my book.
-Patty Cake is feeling it right now. He's putting up some monster numbers and last night he had a rush that he started behind Timmy, went all the way, and almost put it in. He's rolling right now and it's great to see.
-Seguin also had a solid game. Over the last few, he has really come alive and it appears that he has learned that he needs to bring effort every single night.
It was great to have a HUGE win over the Flyers. The only downside was that Pronger and Carcillo weren't playing. I'm sure they were off somewhere beating up nuns.
Go B's.

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Anonymous said...

I love the effort last night by the boys. All season I've been criticizing and trying to to ship Wheeler off somewhere, I'm stoked to see he's proving me wrong. One of the few times I like to eat my words. Kampfer is definitely going to stay, especially if Ference went down with an injury. I would like to see more of Bartkowski and apparently we're going to see that with his Emergency Recall today. I love how deep our defense is right now. If only we could get them to play as lights out as they have the past couple games, (Save for that real shut down Defensive effort last night), in the end as it always should be, Go B's...