Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When Everything Goes Right

Holy shit, what a game.
The boys were banging on all cylinders last night against a somewhat weak Senator team that can't seem to catch a break.
The Bruins smelled blood in the water and just kept pushing, and it was refreshing to see for once. They never backed off. I find this odd, as there they are, up by 6 goals, and they never stopped pushing. I wish that they could tap that same effort where they're up 3-2.
Couple things:
-Kampfer is such a smooth skater. I've said it before, but this kid is going to be good. He joins the rushes and if they don't pan out, he busts his ass to get back and play his position. It's great to see that hustle and even better to see a Bruin that doesn't hesitate to join in the rush. The Bruins will have to make a tough decision when Stuart gets healthy. As it stands right now, I would send Lonewolf back down, even though I like what he's showing as well. It's a good problem to have. And next time they show the bench during a break, look for Kampfer and you'll most likely see him singing along with whatever song they're playing in the rink. The kid is having a blast.
-After drawing oodles of my ire over the past two seasons, Fake Wheeler is looking good. He's banging bodies and isn't coasting through his shifts. He's on pace for 20 or so goals and could easily get more if he keeps this up.
-Props to Thornton for standing in there with a much larger man and trading punches. It's the first time all year I've seen Thornton take one that stunned him a bit, but that's going to happen. And HUGE props to Paille for sticking in there at the end of the game. Carkner wasn't happy that Paille threw a few after the linesman were in there, but what the fuck does he have to bitch about? Him going after Paille is the same as Chara going after a little girl. Shut your suck and see what happens the next time you see the Bruins, Carkner.
-Timmy had yet another shutout and his numbers look almost fake. They look the numbers of a goalie you made on NHL 2010 that isn't real...except Timmy is, and he once again showed what he can do.
-We forget that Patty Cake is only 25 years old, as he's been a fixture on the team for so long. He goes out there, does a great job in all three zones and will someday (probably sooner rather than later)wear the C. After he had two (as was the case in The Saturday Night Game We Don't Speak Of), I began wondering if he had ever had a hat trick. I couldn't recall one. I don't know what the replay officials were smoking when they gave him credit for that goal that went off of Gonchar's skates (possibly some left over 5 Hour Energy from Wheeler's locker). He looked like a shark right before he scored the third goal; the focus and determination on his face was quite a sight, and the goal he scored was just fucking beautiful. I think that Patty takes a lot of the pressures on this team onto his shoulders, and to see him smile (I challenge anyone to tell me when they saw him smile last) was great to see. It was truly a Patty Cake night at the Garden.
Flyers come to town on thursday and it will be a real test for the boys. They need to get ready for a fast and hard game. This is when they play their best.
Go B's.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post!! Yeah Patty Cake!!!
I agree! It is so great to see him have such a great game and huge grin!!