Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keep It Rolling, Boys

Bruins go against the Sabres tonight in what might be Thomas versus Miller. Timmy is still playing just out of his fucking mind. It wouldn't surprise me if they give Tuukka a go though, as Timmy stopped approximately 1,385 shots the other night against Carolina. Tuukka could use the game and I'm sure Timmy could use the rest. Have you looked at Timmy's record lately? That fucker could lose the next 15 straight games and he would still have a .500 record in regulation. Insane.
ESPN has said that Boston won't relinquish their top spot in the Northeast for the rest of the season. If they continue to play the way they've been going, I'm absolutely fine with that.
Couple things-
-I really liked the Thornton/Campbell/Wheeler combo the other night. We know what Thornton brings, and Campbell has been such a pleasant surprise. He reminds me of a much younger and more physical Glen Metropolit: a player that is hugely under-appreciated but has great skill. Campbell was an absolute steal from the Panthers and to me, a Campbell for Wideman trade would have been fair enough. On top of all that, he is really the only Bruin this year that seems to give a flying fuck about blocking shots.
-Looch looked decent and had a huge goal. He needs to realize that when he parks his violent ass in front of the net, he could get at least a goal a game. Recchi has scored the majority of his from twelve feet out or less and the sooner that Looch realizes this, the better. Good to see him throwing some hits, too.
-My crosshairs have moved from Evil Wheeler (playing great lately) to Krejci. Fuck me man, you're making a lot of money. SKATE. Jesus Christ.
-The Sabres are kind of a hard team to get up for. That midget fuck Ennis will be buzzing around the ice, and it wouldn't surprise me if they stuck Redcheek Marchand on him.
Hopefully the boys will put up a good effort tonight. Going in for Lasik tomorrow, so this may be the last game I ever see depending on whether or not the power goes out mid-surgery. If so, I'll just have to listen to Bruins games...and I'm guessing that Jack Edwards' method of calling fights ("Thornton goes over and under, under and over...(orgasmic yell)...AND GETS THE TAKEDOWN!") might get a bit tiresome. Jack, you crack me the fuck up, but please add the following words to your lexicon:jab, punch, hook, dirty sanchez, donkey punch, shitbrick, and schnitzel.
Go B's.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure that your surgery will go well, but I do know a little Frenchman that hardly ever got to see his Bs play, but listened to them on WBZ and left his kids a note the next morning about who won! Jack is pushing me over the edge lately and if Brick doesn't do him in, I may...hope all goes well...and keep posting, it is good stuff!