Monday, January 10, 2011

Find Batman, Maybe He Can Beat These Pens

Tonight the Bruins enter into their ass-rapery segment of their schedule. They will be playing 37 games over the next 7 days and in these next 7 days, their view of the playoffs could drastically improve or settle down nice and low and spend some quality dirtbag time with the limp-wristed daffodils of the Northeast, the Toronto Maple Leafs (keep sucking boys, we got your pick AGAIN this year).
After saturday nights 3rd period/OT abortion, I'm hoping the boys will pull their heads out of their asses and realize that they need a 60 minute effort and not what they showed the other night.
The Pens, with or without Crosby, are once again putting up good numbers. The Bruins must do the same and start finding the back of the fucking net.
Couple things:
-Krejci is wasting a spot. Have you ever seen how fast he can skate when he wants to? He'll really GO about once every three games and it leaves me frustrated and pissed all the rest of the times that he just kind of glides around, undoubtedly humming "Afternoon Delight" to himself.
-Now would be a good time for Ryder to pick himself up and get hot and start pounding out some goals.
-No word on Horton yet, but regardless, Looch and Savvy need to be the big guns that they are and find their chemistry. Looch is once again trying to be too cute and forgetting that he needs to use his hits and size to gain some room to operate.
-Chara. You better start leading your team. I don't think I've ever called you out in this blog before, but you can only hide for so long. Tonight, set the pace. Hit everything in sight and play with that nasty edge that we know you have.
-Wouldn't be surprised if Tuukka got the start tonight.
That being said, I hope the boys put saturday night behind them and play this game like it's their last.
Go B's.

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Whopperfoo said...

Amen. Good post.

Bruins 4 - Pens 2.