Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rock Them Like A Hurri...Sorry, That Was Stupid

It always cracks me up when a coach pulls a goalie after two quick goals...and then the replacement gets shelled for five, yes FIVE, goals. It kind of makes the coach look like a squishy-faced retard...which, coincedentally, is what Paul Maurice resembles. He should be wearing a helmet.
Just about every Bruin came to play last night and look what happens when they do that? They fucking demolish the other team. Timmy continues to play absolutely out of his mind. This dude should win the Vezina and Hart trophy. Just give it to him right now, NHL. No other player has meant more to his team's success than Timmy.
Couple things:
-Marchand had possibly his best game as a Bruin. His offensive talent is developing quickly and teams have started to notice. I really like the line he is on and everyone is clicking.
-Patty Cake continues his dominance as of late. Remember that Sega game NBA Jam? Your guy would catch on fire after making three shots in a row and Patty is burning up. I'll be worried though if he grabs the puck and tries to dunk.
-Kampfer is showing no ill-effects from his recent nose rearrangment at the hands of Chara's stick. Locch looked a bit rusty but that's expected. I thought that Stuart played a solid game and it was good to see Lonewolf jump to Stuart's aid after that cheapshot at the end of the game. Not that Stuart needs help in physical matters, but it's good to see teammates sticking up for each other.
-Chara had a great game and not just because of the three goals. He played all three zones and was a dominant force. He looked like a happy seven year old out there after scoring his third and it appears that the boys are having fun right now.
-Where was the response from the Canes? I didn't think that they would sit back and take a shelling like this. Their stupid backup goalie tried to get things going by dryhumping Evil Wheeler's leg and then pushing Patty Cake down...but I think his team was just shaking their heads at him. What a mook.
They play again tonight, and if I were Paul Maurice, I would kick them all in the nuts as they walk in the rink tonight. It might turn out to be a decent game.
Go B's.

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Sea Bass said...

I don't think the Canes will do shit tonight. They have, what, 12 fighting majors this year?

Also, how about Wheeler playing on the fourth line? Maybe Campbell and Thornton can teach him how to throw a punch.

All around awesomeness yesterday