Sunday, April 19, 2009

2-0, Just In Case Anyone Is Keeping Track...

Gonna be a simple post today.
The Bruins PP showed its teeth last night. 3 for 5 on with the Habs a man down. Great puck movement had the Habs looking like their feet were in concrete.
Patrice Bergeron responding to an attempted high elbow by Georges. Who knew that Patty Cake could throw? Who knew that he was a southpaw? That last shot that dropped Georges was a beauty.

That sound you heard after Ryder put one past Price with about two seconds left in the period was Price's fragile psyche shattering into a million pieces.
Savvy is alive and well. Four points is nothing to sneeze at. There was one play where he should have shot, but he passed it off. He has shaken his "selfish" image.

Shane "Bootknife" Hnidy. The guy played tough, solid hockey all year with Caveman Stuart. I was a little pissed when he started getting scratched, but he's a professional and will play the same game regardless of his time on ice. Watching him rip a wrister past Price was good to see.


Lucic and the crosscheck. Looch plays hard, hard hockey. This crosscheck was a bit too much, even for me. I just checked and still can't find anything about getting a game or two off from the NHL. Regardless, I think that Looch learned that there is a line, even in playoff hockey. Just drop the gloves. Don't slash, butt-end, or gouge. Drop 'em and break some faces. No one has an issue with that.

The "Hey hey hey, goodbye" was a bit fucking premature. There is still a lot of hockey left to play. I have confidence in the boys, but why the fuck set them up like that? Karma is a motherfucker.

There aren't many Canadiens that I like, but Bouillon is one of them. Looks like he went down again with an injury, which is too bad. That little fucker plays HARD and he brings quite a bit of grit to the team. Hopefully he'll get well so he can play again shortly. His presence on the Habs blueline makes the Bruins keep their head up, which results in a better game.
Metropolit is another one. He played great hockey for the B's last year, and I wish him success wherever he is. I forgot how much of a slippery little fucker he is. Great 'stache, too. I bet he has The A Team airbrushed on the hood of his '84 van.

The next game can't happen soon enough. I'm curious to see what Gainey will do with their goalie situation. Anyone could see that Price was rattled as shit. Will Halak get in or will Gainey put Pretty Boy back in there? Either way, he is going to get second-guessed to death by the fans and the media. Tough spot.

The Bruins gotta keep it up. It's going to LOUD in Montreal. Constant chants and everyone is on their feet pretty much the entire time. I hear them start cheering and my guts start roiling. The best way to shut them up is to score three early. Half the arena will clear out.

That's all I got.

Go B's.


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until the game Monday night, that being said, I may watch with the volume off...I am too old to listen to those rabid Habs fans...unless our Boys come out and score fast and early and then it will be so quiet you can hear the puck drop! Sure has been an exciting series thus far, and I will NEVER sing the Ole song...nice job Sheriff 25, you are the Bomb! Keep up the good work!

kevincrumbs said...

Price is many things but pretty is not one of them. I've always thought he sort of looked like a hedgehog... or maybe that's just his hair.

Sheriff25 said...

Hedgehog...rather apt comparison.