Wednesday, April 1, 2009

They're back....

Four straight. Ain't nothin' wrong with cornbread!

A few random comments on last night's game:

Chara went after Artichoke like a fat kid goes after the last gummi bear. I hope the linesman didn't get hurt too badly trying to keep them apart.

I couldn't stop laughing when Lucic quickly rearranged that dude's face. Did you see his helmet? It looked like a hooker had been living in it. I don't think he realized who he was messing with.

Big ups to Lecavalier. An all-star player, he decided that he was going to phone-in his performance last night.

Does anyone else think that Stamkos looks a muppet? Freaky.

Obviously they put Timmy in Manny's uniform last night. There's no way they would have gotten out of there with a W if Un Pollo Loco had been in net.

I miss Hnidy.

That's all I got.

Go B's.


Tom said...

Apparently Lecavalier was hurt, he's now out for the season.

Tank job?

Sheriff25 said...

You know, I guess it wouldn't surprise me. However, I don't know if Tocchet would let this happen. Either way, they're most likely to get one of the top five draft why not have Vinnie sit???

Araev16 said...

You got your wish...Hnidy was back in black last night. Did you shed a tear?

Sheriff25 said...

I shed several tears...and then I realized that he would probably want to kick my ass for it, so I went out and beat up a frat boy.

Araev16 said...

Ryan Getzlaf?

Elizabeth said...

Isn't it weird that you find yourself missing the creepiest fucker on the team?