Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Waiting,,,,

I have to say that I'm going a little crazy waiting for the rest of the match-ups to shake out. Having outstanding hockey every other night, and then a sweep of the hated Habs, was amazing. However, no hockey this week has left me feeling like a crack whore looking for a big score. Baby needs her dope!!!

The folks over at will be having a contest to name, among others, the Best Bruins Blog award. Make sure to stop by and cast your vote for your favorite B's blog (hint, hint).

I will now go back to killing the spiders that are crawling all over my body until the Bruins know who they are going to play.

Go B's.


MC Puck said...

You know what I do when I don't have hockey to watch? (granted VS. has had a few games a week so I get my fix watching Anahiem kick San Jose's butt)

I do pointless blog entries about how Joe Thornton is a Curse to whatever team he's on hahahahaha.

sorry, had to get in the "Thornton choked for the umpteenth time" comment first.

Sheriff25 said...

I thought the Bruins were absolutely insane when they got rid of him. When I read that he had been traded, I almost had a heart attack. However, when you look at the direction he has gone and how well the Bruins has done, it actually looks like a stroke of genius.
He's a great regular season player. That's it. I doubt he'll ever be able to turn it up in the playoffs the way certain players can.

Araev16 said...

Hurricane's bitches. Their playoff motto is: Our Team. Our Time.

Gay, sounds like the Goonies speech. Chara will go all Sloth on their ass.

MC Puck said...

The Goonies are not gay :(

As far as Thornton goes, he's great in the regular season because all he does is set up shop down near the net or in the corners and thanks to his size and skating ability, he can overpower ANYONE. TONS of points, but he's not a game changer.

When it comes to the playoffs, it's becomes a chess match with coaches setting their lineups to remove key players etc etc, and Thornton is the EASIEST superstar in the league to neutralize because he's the least dynamic.

If he could learn to roam, and play a little bit harder (he always seems so laxidasicle) he could change the perception that he can't succeed.

but he won't, because he's lazy and selfish and THAT'S why the Bruins got rid of him.

Araev16 said...

Oh believe me, I don't think the Goonies are gay. Mikey was the love of my life til age 10. I think the fact that the Hurricanes copied them is gay.

Also, agreed on your Thornton views. Thornton is a selfish ass. I've had first hand experience of this. Maybe he's matured since his time with the B's, but I doubt it.

MC Puck said...

I've met Thornton a few times, once as a rookie and then later in life, and I have nothing poor to say about him as a person; and yes he's matured a huge amount.

But the problem with Thornton is, he's too content to walk away from the season in the top 5 in points without any hardware to show for it.

There's guys out there who get fired up because they don't care how many points they score; if they don't win the cup, they didn't accomplish anything.

Not Joe Thornton. It was awful to see him skip out on post game after the last loss. Man up Big Joe, show the league that you've got the chops to win, and you've got the dignity to stand tall when you lose.