Sunday, April 19, 2009

*****BREAKING NEWS******

Photo courtesy Michelle Lemaire

"At approximately 8:21PM, Montreal police were dispatched to the corner of Avenue Lincoln and Rue Du Fort following a report of a despondent woman stopping traffic.
SPVM spokesman Alain Fremeau reported that responding officers made contact with the female, who was found to be carrying the shattered remains of a goalie stick in her left hand. After refusing to drop the stick, the officers were forced to use pepper spray to subdue the female. Michelle Lemaire, who witnessed the incident and provided the above photo of the female, said that 'she was in traffic, sort of humping this Mercedes that had stopped for the light. When the guy got out of his car, she started screaming something about some guy named 'Savard.' Then she started making this noise that sounded like 'chhhhhhhhaaaaaaaarrrra CHHHAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRA charrraaaaa.' It was really creepy.' Two officers were taken to a local hospital with bite wounds and have been placed on bloodborne pathogen treatment. The female was tentatively identified as Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price. Price was summarily released on bond approximately three hours after the incident into the custody of Evgeny Milkhanov, a Russian national thought to be associated with the Canadiens' hockey club. When reached for comment, Canadiens' coach/GM Bob Gainey stated, 'Well, I guess that clears up who is starting monday night, huh?'"

Jesus, I always thought Price was a pretty boy. Fucker looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaay different when he's not in his gear.

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Anonymous said...

Sheriff 25, Your late night musings make me laugh way to hard so early in the morning! What a mental picture I have ...on another note I heard a good one, some day when Hnidy's number is retired by some NHL club they will call it Hnidy I will remember how to pronounce his name:) keep up the great blogs!