Friday, April 17, 2009

You likea da sauce?

B's are up 1-0 on the Habs. Great game last night.

Looch started early with a thunderous hit on the far boards. The Bruins fell off a bit in the second, with Timmy making some pretty good saves to keep them in it.

I think that NASA might want to look into the technology in Kovalev's stick, because that shot was an absolute bomb. If a puck is going to go in, I don't really mind when it's like that. Great shot.

That said, I was not impressed with the play of the Habs. Boston could have quickly put it out of reach by going up 3-0, but their power play just didn't have its mojo....until Big Z drilled one past Price. I think that puck going by him that fast might have caused PTSD. We'll have to wait and see.

Much was made about the Canadiens deciding to dress Laraque. Supposedly Lucic was going to pay for what he did to Komi, as if he was 5'9" and 140 pounds, as opposed to being the same fucking size as Looch. Are the Habs fans retarded? Why does Komi need someone else to fight his battles? He plays hard and I respect him for that. Komi is exactly the type of player that the instigator rule was created for. He needs someone else to protect him. What a load of crap. Apparently he has no problem punching much smaller guys in the head, albeit with his gloves still velcroed to the sleeves of his jersey. Watching him rabbit-punch Hunwick in the head as the 3rd period ended had me laughing. Hunwick had the look on his face that you give your little sister when she's pestering you to let her try Playstation: "DUDE, KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF!" If this was thirty years ago, Komi would solve his own problems. He does not. Each time he backs down, that sound you hear in the background is John Ferguson spinning like a top in his grave.

The Canadiens could put eleven guys out there and still not get a bench minor for Too Many Men On The Ice. The refs see that there really aren't too many men on this team, so they'll be good to go if they want to take advantage of the loophole.

If this were the regular season, someone might have dropped with Laraque. It is the playoffs. Fights are rare. Because no one fought with him, the Habs fans will be saying that the Bruins are a bunch of pussies. Let them run their mouths.

Putting Laraque on a line with Suckmy Koivu and Comrade Kovalev was.........interesting. I thought that Bob Gainey was one of the smartest people in hockey, but after seeing that, I think he may have an inoperable brain tumor. We'll know for sure if he signs Russ Courtnall and the deceased John Kordic to a two week contract. Word is he's also trying to bring Shayne Corson back. If this happens, there is no doubt Neely will suit up. Could get interesting. Stay tuned.

And for all the blind Hab fans that are saying Looch is a thug, stats don't lie:

Laraque: 13:12 played, 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 points, 2 shots on net, and 0 PIMS. No big hits to note, either. He looked like a bloated, reanimated corpse that someone would stand up, put on the ice, and shove towards the net, starting to slow down, knees locked, a little drool falling from his mouth. He would eventually stop gliding, at which point he would be collected at the next TV timeout. Pretty sure it said "Franken-Raque" on his jersey, too.

Lucic: 13:45 played, 0 goals, 2 assists, +2, 1 shot on net, and 12 pims. Several hits that brought the fans to their feet.

The Bruins have to get their power play going and continue to fight throughout the second period.
Can't wait for saturday night. Go B's.

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Araev16 said...

It was hilarious. At the beginning of the game, Nate was like, I love that Laraque is on the top line. By then end of the game he was like, why won't Gainey take Laraque off that fucking line??

I also hate the fact that Kovalev's talent is wasted on him. He should be able to score 5 times game.

The B's play like shit and they still win. It's a thing of beauty.