Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A trip down Memory Lane with Timothy Thomas

While Timmy T is preping for les Habs tomorrow night, you have to believe that a little part of him will be thinking of his alma mater and the battle they also face.

UVM clawed their way to the 2009 Frozen Four in Washington, after being handed a Hockey East thomping at the hands of U-Mass Lowell (aka the kids that didn't get into Amherst).

This sends me back to my sophomore year of high school when me and my good pal at the time were granted early dismisal from our parents to watch UVM's last venture to the Frozen Four in Colorado, circa 1997. My sophomoric crush was on Timmy T. I thought he was dreamy and pretty much the best goaltender ever. Words can not describe my sadness when the puck bounced off of Timmy Thomas' ass in to the UVM goal over the puddle of melting ice in OT. I thought my love affair with Timmy T was over. Little did I know 12 years later, he'd be back in my heart, leading the B's to the Stanley Cup playoffs (tear).

So as the Cats take on BU Thursday (BTW, you may have heard that BU's pretty good this year), Timmy T will be taking the ice against the Habs with a little part of his heart in D.C. Cheer for the Cat's with me, as a cheer for UVM is a cheer for TT.



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