Friday, April 18, 2008

And the Thunder Rolls....

And we have finally, FINALLY, seen Price shaken and downright suck. I was beginning to wonder if that is possible. Sobotka is still wondering if the final goal last night really happened. This should give the B's a huge boost going into Saturday's game, but kids, this is FAR from over.

The B's have a huge feat ahead of them. But all signs point to the fact that is IS possible. This is a far cry from the sentiment before Game 1. I'm not going to lie, I was just hoping the B's would win one freakin game against that Habs. But oh, how the tides have turned.

And a word of advice. This blog exists because of our Pepe who meant the world to us and instilled a love for the Bruins in all of his grandkids. Although he is not with us anymore, every time I watch a game or think about the Bruins, Pepe is with me. And there are two things I remember that he has said about Hockey that has stuck with me the most:

1- Pavel Bure has the prettiest lips he has ever seen. (That picture up top makes sense now huh? And tell me you don't agree!)

2- NEVER bother God with prayers about Bruins. He has bigger things to deal with.

Well Pepe, I have always kept God out of hockey. And last night, while strolling the Habs blogs to see what they thought of this game, I came across a comment calling Carey Price, Jesus Price. Ouch... Now my fiance is the biggest Habs fan around, but also a devout Catholic. As soon as I told him that he got a little nervous.

Whether you report a higher power or not, keep hockey prayers, comments, out of the ears of the big guy. He's got wars, famine, plauge, etc. to contend with. Bugging him with hockey will just piss him off. Remember he is a loving God, but a vengeful God. However, all Habs fans, feel free to pray away....

Enough for cliches, Garth Brooks, and sappy memories today. The stress of this series has made me sick, so I am taking a PTO day today. I must rest to cure my aliments and get ready for Saturday.
More tomorrow.

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