Monday, April 21, 2008

"Disperse, you rebels; damn you, throw down your arms and disperse!"

No matter how large, how great the foe, no one is unbeatable. If a casual observer had been reading about the Battle of Lexington, which we celebrate today, on this Patriot's Day, they may have scoffed at the idea that a small rebellion would be able to overcome and defeat the world's greatest army. But in retrospect, you can see that it all comes down to desire. Who wants it more?

This is how the Bruins have come back to tie the series, and this is how they will win tonight. Yes, the Habs are more skilled, they look more mighty on paper, yet they seem uninterested in winning.

The Bruins are playing like the hungry, aggravated, driven Rebels who decided, unbeknownst to their enemies, that they decided to win long ago.

"By my physical constitution I am but an ordinary man... Yet some great events, some cutting expressions, some mean hypocrisies, have at times thrown this assemblage of sloth, sleep, and littleness into rage like a lion."

-John Adams

May the Bruins rage like lions tonight and shut down the Redcoats once and for all.

Happy Patriot's Day!


Sheriff25 said...

Haha, very nice historical tie-in. Well played! Down with the Redcoats!

Araev16 said...

Wow, those shitheads need to shut the fuck up during our anthem.

Tears Of A Bear said...

Brutal loss. Seems like the B's forgot everything they learned in the last few games. Did Chara even show up or did I miss his captain-like play?

Hats off to Price for an amazing game.

2009 should bring great things for the Bruins.