Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The next Cam Neely, you are. Come to restore balance in the hockey universe, you have. Strong with you, the force is. Use the force wisely Looch, you must. If you beat the Habs, destroy the dark side, you will.

Seriously though, enough Yoda. But this is as Star Warsy as it gets. A little scrappy rebellion trying to take down an huge dark empire with a young warrior emerging as their future leader. Just like Star Wars, however recast with the B's.

-Looch, the young Padawan learner, as Luke Skywalker
-Timmy Thomas, the steady sidekick, as Han Solo
-Savard, the little bot coming in clutch, as R2-D2
-Aaron Ward, the mechanical wonder that some how shakes off his 42 injuries, as C3PO
-Thomas Plekanec, the little girl, as Princess Leia (hey, his shitty play is technically helping the Jedi Cause)
-Zdeno Chara, the calm, yet sometimes fierce beast, as Chewy.
-The rest of the team can be Ewoks because they are just so freakin cute.
-Julien, enough said, as Master Yoda
-Cam Neely, training his young Jedi Apprentice to become the fierce warrior his was/is, as Obi-Wan Kenobi

As long as the B's continue to steer away from the darkside, they can win these games. The darkside is getting weak. If anything, the Habs have stolen these games (with the exception of Game 1) from the B's. Keep grinding, and the wins will come. Just a winning tomorrow night will be enough to send the Habs ambitions out the window faster than Mace Windu. As they penetrate the Death Star tomorrow night, they need to remember that while the Empire's army is great, a small, concentrated attack will be enough to set off the destruction of the whole ship. Hit em' hard and make it count. Once great, evil republics have been taken down before. Just ask Kovy, maybe that will bring back some (any) emotion.
Win, the B's must and will.

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