Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Game 4: Who Wants It More?
Les Glorieux? Ole, Ole, Ole? Seems a bit much, but I have to say that I am jealous of the passion Montrealites have for their team. Over the past decade or so, Bostonians lost their passion for the Big Bad Bruins. The Bruins had a few bad years, there is a lot of animosity toward ownership/management, and the world began to revolve around the loud, obnoxious mass which is Red Sox Nation. However, times they are a changing.

The Bruins are back. They are something to be proud of. You've got the ultimate underdog, Tim Thomas, playing his heart out and becoming the titanium spine of this Bruins team. You've got Milan Lucic. A kid. A prospect that was supposed to go back to Juniors at the beginning of the year. Now, a Seventh Player Award winner, a fan favorite, he epitomizes all that is Bruin. A mix of grit, skill, heart, intensity, and power.

And now, you look to management. Who do you see? Cam Fucking Neely. This man is passion. He is hockey. He is so hungry for a cup and for the Bruins become the the team they once were. Anyone who saw Neely's reaction to Savvy's OT winner Sunday night has no doubt he wants to win so bad he can taste it. And yes, it is confirmed that both of Chiarelli's hands were broken in that exchange. How could you not get behind this?

I know it will take time, but I hope over the years the new Garden will become the Garden that Guy Carbonneau remembers. When recently asked if he felt the same intensity in the newer building he claimed that it was intense, but in the old Garden would not be teaming with Habs fans. In the old Garden, they wouldn't dare show up in their jerseys.

While Sunday was a great day. It is done. A game in the books and tonight is just as important as Sunday. Julien will probably keep the roster the same as Sunday. There really isn't a ton to improve on and all lines gave a fierce effort in the win. Bergy is not ready to go. He needs more practice, more weight. He can't get much going by the way of getting into game shape when all recent practices have been morning skates. Also, would he F up the Mojo? Yes, his return would be emotional, glorious. But boys out there have found their groove. They should keep digging in as long as it works for them. Kessel, What? and Alberts should remain out. They are both young. They will have their time. Wideman was huge for the B's on Sunday, and again, the lines worked for them. No reason to change it up. They just need to play like they believe they'll win.

Cheesy theme song for tonight? Don't Stop Believing. If the B's play with the passion Steve Perry sings, this game will be theirs.

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Sheriff25 said...

I think Chiarelli is going to pursue assault charges against Neely. That double high five must have done some damage, and he bounced off that wall pretty hard. Even in retirement, the guy's a freaking moose.