Thursday, April 17, 2008

WHY I HATE NESN AND THE RED SOX...even more than the Habs

The Red Sox are playing the Yankee's tonight. The world must stand still. Everyone must stop what they are doing and pay homage because the Red Sox are playing the fucking Yankees. Who knows when that may happen again???????? Oh wait, it will happen about 3 million more times over the course of this summer.

So why I ask you would NESN even THINK of bumping the Bruins biggest game of the year to another channel which people may or may not get? And not only THINK of doing it, but actually do it? NESN. You know, I thought you stood for New England SPORTS Network. Not Never Ending SOX Network. You suck. You suck at life.

So here's to you Nesn. Here's to all the red faced, fat, obnoxious Red Sox fans who would rather watch Manny pick his ass in right field tonight than watch a real game. I wish upon the Red Sox another 80 years without a World Series win. I wish upon you embarassing losses against the Yankees. Maybe if NESN pretends to support the Bruins, the rest of Boston will too and we won't see 10 fucking million Habs fans in our own rink.

And Red Sox fans, if you suddenly realize you'd like to see real atheltes compete, the Bruins will be on NESN Plus. Who knows what channel that is, but I'm sure by the time you find it, the game will be over anyway.

Now, I must go burn my Varitek Jersey, gather with the 12 other real Bruins fans in the world, and pray with all of our might that the B's show up tonight to save their season despite the utter disrespect they are shown in their own sports community.


Anonymous said...

A few corrections to make...

* The Red Sox and Yankees will play each other 13 more times during the regular season, not 3 million.

* Manny actually plays in left field, not right field.

* The TD Banknorth Garden only holds 17,565 hockey fans, so there would never be 10 million Habs fans in there.

With that being said, here's why the game was moved.

* The Bruins are down 3-1 in the playoffs and the chances of an 8 seed overcoming that deficit to beat a 1 seed are slim.

* Previous to the win on Sunday, the Bruins record against the Canadiens was 0-12 in their most recent match-ups.

Based on those two facts alone, the game tonight is likely going to result in a loss for the Bruins.

Granted, it will probably be a hard fought battle, but you said it yourself when you declared that Boston doesn't support the Bruins and there are only "12 other real Bruins fans in the world". If those statements have any truth to them, there is little incentive for NESN to broadcast a game in HD to such a small audience. NESN has a bottom line to think about and advertising to 12 people is no way to run a business.

Araev16 said...

Oh man, thanks for enlightening me. I really DID think that the Sox were playing the Yankees 3 million times this summer. 13 you say? Well that seems more resonable. And I've got to brush up my counting skills, because I could have sworn that there were 10 million Habs fans there.

Anonymous said...

Rather than burning your Varitek jersey, I would say you should be burning your Bruins gear.

Given that the Bruins haven't won a Cup in nearly 30 years, it is almost embarrassing to say that you are a fan of the Black and Gold.

I'll admit it: I am a fan of the B's, but to see them consistently make it to the playoffs and then get eliminated in the early rounds is demoralizing. And try as I might to cheer them on, and wish, and pray, and hope that this year will be different...well, it just doesn't happen.

Hence, let us burn our Bruins merchandise in effigy. A symbol of the disgust towards the inability of the team to get past the early rounds of the playoffs. A symbol of our frustration with Jeremy Jacobs and the rest of the back office. A protest by fans who are tired of watching a solid team consistently fall short of their mark.

It may be a move in desperation, but it is no different than hoping against the mountain of facts stacked up against the Bruins.

eav2616 said...

wait time out, didn't the red sox go something like 80 YEARS without winning? and yet you are still a fan? shut up. this a bruins blog. not a red sox blog. exaggeration is a word you might want to look up. oh and next time why don't you try putting your name in and take credit for your bulllshit.

The Bullshitter said...


Based on the result of last night's game, it is safe to say that I don't know DICK about the Bruins, hockey, or sports in general.

Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the game (I was too busy drinking scotch and smoking cigars), nor did I watch the Red Sox game. So I don't know how well the B's played (probably pretty fucking awesome) and won't try to comment on them further.

It's safe to say that I am leaving with my tail between my legs and probably won't be heard from again.

Anonymous said...

Ok first of all who the fuck types on these things with perfect form? Douche bag O' anonymous needs to lighten up and stick to your own kovalev-hole sucking column if you're going to start this bullshit. I don't care why NESN didn't show the game, if the red sox were down 3-1 in the playoffs you know damn well they'd be showing that game instead of any other game because its the fucing red sox. (Gonna correct my language and punctuation too asshole?) Why don't you keep your ass in Montreal where you can have a better chance of getting hit by a bus with a big ass Canadiens logo on the side just to see the Ironic headlines. MONTREAL FAN KILLED BY FAVORITE TEAM. Boy I wish I could go to Canada to read that headline in francais. Go eat your daily bowl of shit and stay on your blanc, bleu, et rouge blog if all you're gonna do is bitch at everyone else for having a good time. People like you and Al Gore make the internet lose its fun. Go play some more online poker against your mom while she makes your smiley faed pancakes douche bag. (Yeah I know I'm on as anonymous too, that's only because I don't have an account yet, I figured you poindexter-fuck would jump on that after I commented on yours. If that's the case, FUCK OFF you Ole'ing, stinkfingered, kovalev-blowing asshole.)