Monday, April 14, 2008

Game 4, Bobby Orr

A few nights ago, Game 4 seemed like it was probably going to be an elimination game. Bruins sucked Game 1 and lost. Played their asses off in Game 2 and lost. What the hell was it going to take to win? Where the Habs unbeatable? Answer: No. Habsolutely not. (sorry). Game 3, they found it. They found their way to a win. Outstanding play by Timmy T. All 4 lines contributing. Rust finally shook off of Savvy and Milan Lucic will be a name Hab fans remember. And Peter Schafer? WTF? Looks like he just came out of a hockey coma. The hits were hard, momentum fast, and the B's played a solid game.
However, history that game is.
Game 4 is all that exists in the Bruins' world now. They have found their groove and need to keep the foot on the accelerator.
Keys to Game 4 win

  • Timmy T. Keep it up. And I believe he will. Timmy feeds off of this shit.

  • Keep your hits hard. Habs out hit the B's in game 1. Bull shit. Should never, ever happen.

  • Keep Kovy out of it. Alexei looked a bit like the tired, bored Kovalev of years past.

  • Keep shooting! The B's are actually pulling the trigger more consistently. Keep it up! Price has to crack, he's got Garth Brooks on his helmet for fucks sake. Get in his face, and keep the shots coming.

  • Watch out for the Habs 4th (yes, 4th) line. Kostopolous and Co. seems like the only Habs who want to win right now.

  • Remember, you beat them! Finally, the monkey is off your back. Keep playing your asses off. Redemption will come.

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